Information Architecture, UX Design
Marc Ardizzone, Slickly Pixellated
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Marc Ardizzone
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What I Can Do For You

I am a passionate and ambitious User Experience (UX) practitioner who for more than 13 years has been working to help organizations discover, design and develop compelling, effective and user-centric web-based solutions in a wide range of industries including digital publishing, retail/e-commerce, IT, B-to-B, non-profit and healthcare. I have worked on 'marketing' sites, large-scale complex/content-driven sites, and feature-rich/data-driven web applications that were both consumer-facing and for internal business stakeholders.

As a 'generalist' my competencies are broad and include discovery, architecture-creation (IA), wireframing & documentation, user-testing, interaction design, responsive HTML prototyping, UI/graphic design and QA. I am a huge advocate of 'mobile-first' design processes, responsive design, Lean UX methodologies, and keeping the user embedded in and central to the design process. My skills and areas of interest:


One-on-one interviews, group discovery sessions, surveys, heuristic evaluations, analytics assessments, competitor analyses, etc.

IA/UX/IxD Documentation

Sitemaps, userflows, interactive wireframes, content inventories, personas, storyboards, etc.
Relevant Software: Excel, Axure, Visio, Fireworks, whatever the occasion calls for!

User Interface Design

Translate wireframes into elegant, polished UI; brand integration; specking and stylesheet creation.
Relevant Software: Adobe Creative Suite; I use Fireworks for most UI design; I am comfortable working in both PC and Mac environments.


Intermediate coder: XHTML, CSS; understand capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3; CMS integration; can tweak and integrate JQuery (but do not pretend to be a programmer)
Relevant Software: Adobe Dreamweaver (I do not rely on the WYSIWYG)

Project Management

I can "speak geek" but I am also great at translating it into plain English; I have years of experience working with for-profit and non-profit clients; I have worked with teams of programmers, designers, product managers and production folks; excellent negotiation/diplomacy skills.
Relevant Software: Basecamp, Outlook.
Relevant Hardware: The Telephone! And a million emails an hour.


I have a solid understanding of content strategy and writing for the web. I love words (was an English Lit major) and live to make them "sing" with good design, typography and architecture. All good design begins with good content - without the latter it's all just "lipstick on a pig."

Resume and professional references available upon request.