Information Architecture, UX Design

UX / IA / UI Redesign Case Study: PackTracker Librarian Tool

PackTracker is a web-based application developed for university librarians in the UK that enables them to select, purchase, bundle and track "packs" of curriculum materials for lecturers to access and distribute to their students. The application has been used by dozens of university-based librarians across the UK since its launch in the early '2000s. It was created and has since been maintained and enhanced by a single developer who evolved UI and functionality 'organically' based on client demand but with little or no overriding UX or UI design strategy.

The Challenge: Create a Coherent Architecture, Layout and Design

The application had great functionality but the UX/branding and design needed a heavy overhaul. I was asked to do a heuristic eval of the system, re-architect the flow of the application, and redesign the UI to make more user-friendly and attractive for current users, as well as for prospective subscribers (the parent company who now owns the application is hoping to promote it and sell more subscriptions once it's redesigned). This initiative is also tied to the parent organization's desire to update all of their applications to adhere to a set of visual standards that comply with the company's newly-developed branding.

I have only just begun this project - all of the work done thus far is in an Axure document (see link, below). I redid the navigation/flow first via the sitemap on the first page - I then wireframed and designed each screen (in process). If you look at any one of the items (1.0, for instance) you will see the "Before" screenshot, the Axure-built wireframe, and the final designed product with the branding applied. Lastly, I hand-coded HTML/CSS Templates and created a styleguide for the implementors (see link to the templates, below).

Axure File: Sitemap, Wireframes and Final Designs (all still in progress)

HTML/CSS Templates; Style-Guide (still in progress)